Impartial. Binding. Commercial.

Kelly McIntyre is a qualified Arbitrator and also acts as Counsel in Arbitrations.  Her experience extends to a variety of rules including those of the ICC.

International Arbitration is experiencing somewhat of a resurgence in recent times and increasingly being used as the preferred means of dispute resolution for matters involving foreign investment, and commercial disputes involving multinational projects, foreign States and high net worth individuals.

Foreign investment in Australia currently accounts for 4% of GDP[1].  The USA, UK, Belgium, Japan and Hong Kong are the five top ranking foreign economies investing in Australia and as at May 2020 they accounted for 62.5% of overall foreign investment in Australia.[2]  The range of investment is extensive and covers a smorgasbord of industries, the largest of which is mining & quarrying which accounts for 35.3% of overall foreign investment, followed by manufacturing (12.9%), financial & insurance activities (11.1%) and real estate activities (10.9%). 

With increased investment also comes increased risks and International Arbitration has the advantage of being able to provide parties with the ability to reliably enforce their rights and obligations whilst also maintaining:

  • Confidentiality

  • Efficiency

  • Flexibility

Domestic arbitration is also on the rise with government and major companies making use of arbitration in major projects rather than the more public and sometimes lengthy process of mainstream litigation. 

The options of forum, choice of law and type of arbitration are extensive and can be tailored to the parties needs by experienced solicitors.

Kelly has practised in the Energy and Resources space since 2007 and has a suite of complementary experience in areas such as finance, maritime and law of the sea, international trade, lineal infrastructure, railway, construction and major projects, and contract law that make her a versatile option as either Counsel or Arbitrator.

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